Becca’s Home Skincare Routine

Today, we go behind the scenes and see just exactly what our LePA Team members do to take care of their skin at home! Do we really practice what we preach??? Of course, we do! The secret to good skin is consistency and a good routine. But most importantly, it’s about taking some time everyday, to take care of yourself!

Consistency and effort on a daily basis will keep your skin healthy. In order to get results you have to put in effort. Additionally, in order to maintain those results you must remain consistent. If you really think about it, this applies to many facets in life where you are seeking change.

Becca has dealt with severe acne for years and even she admits there were times where she wanted to give up on her routine. Change takes time and sometimes that means a long, frustrating journey. However, she remained consistent with her skin care and now has beautiful, healthy skin.

Often times, it’s the small things that can teach us the biggest lessons!

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