Passionate Leader Spotlight: Nicole

For our 2nd Passionate Leader Spotlight we interviewed Nicole Perrotta. Nicole is a Communication & Conflict Transformation Expert. Years ago, Nicole served as a consultant for LePA and helped provide us with essential communication tools we still use today! We knew she would be a perfect fit for this series and are so excited to share her story & communication tips with you.

Nicole started her career in Corporate America working in sales in the Food/Beverage & Telecommunications industries. She experienced high levels of success and learned a ton about successful & healthy workplace communication. After she started her family, she wanted a lifestyle that allowed her to be successful & involved in her children’s daily lives. As with most paths in life, success was not easy. After two failed business attempts, Nicole realized that those communication & conflict resolution tools were at the center of success in any aspect of life. She found her dream job teaching leaders how to use effective & respectful communication to lead their team to success. Now, she is a partner at Transformation Associates where she uses her skills to work with businesses of all sizes and offers offsite services as well. To learn more about her services and how she can help your business you can check out her contact information below.

What we love about Nicole & her methods is the focus she puts on the simplicity of communication. There is no drawn out or complex program, it’s about changing your approach and perspective. You can take her tools and apply them to various situations and environments and they WORK! Check out the interview to hear about what inspires Nicole and get some tips you can use on a daily basis. Thanks for watching!

Nicole Perrotta
Professional Trainer: Conflict Transformation and EQ
Phone: (703) 216-5746 Mobile


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