Passionate Leader Spotlight: Sandra Dee

On this episode of our Passionate Leader Spotlight series, we interviewed Sandra Dee Robinson, a Charisma Coach. We were so excited to get to interview her and learn her tips and tricks for getting comfortable on camera and stage. Doing these interviews and being on camera is a new skill we are learning and being able to pick her brain and learn her secrets was so helpful!

Sandra is in high demand as a coach but you might recognize her from her acting career. Sandra has had various roles on shows like The Bay, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and many others. She is also an author of  “IMPACT! Secrets to Powerful Personal Presence” and Founder/CEO of Charisma on Camera and HorsePowered Consulting. Simply put, Sandra has many talents and wears many different hats. She works as a coach, consultant and speaker to help build confidence and develop the skills required to have a Powerful Personal Presence. Her work isn’t just about camera and stage presence, she truly changes peoples lives by changing the way they look at themselves. Her story is incredibly inspiring and she has some great tips you can implement into your daily life.

We hope you enjoy this interview and thanks for watching! For more information on Sandra and how she can help you or your business check out her website!

Sandra Dee Robinson

Coach Speaker Author Actress & Personal Empowerment Enthusiast



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