Passionate Leader Spotlight: Liz

Today, we share the story of Liz Plachta and her daughter Ruby. Ruby was born with Downs Syndrome and inspired her mother to create Ruby’s Rainbow, a charity that provides young adults with Downs Syndrome scholarships to pursue higher education. Ruby’s Rainbow is an incredible organization that has raised $290,000 and helped over 100 students. Liz’s main mission in life is to build awareness on the capabilities of those with Down Syndrome and make a difference in the lives of people like her daughter.

While we filmed the interview, there were so many moments we felt overwhelmed with the amount of passion and love that Liz has for what she does. It almost brought us to tears a few times, so grab some tissues and watch this incredible interview with a truly passionate leader! Maybe even open up your checkbooks after to make a donation to this life changing organization.

As always, thank you for tuning in and be sure to follow Ruby’s Rainbow to learn how you can help facilitate change and opportunities for those in need.





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