Summer Body Special

Summer is the time for carefree living and fun in the sun. Don’t let things like cellulite or lack of muscle tone stop you from having a good time! Here at LePA, we believe that EVERY BODY is a SUMMER BODY! It is so important to love yourself, “flaws” and all! However, we know that sometimes these things can bring you down and stop you from enjoying a day in your bathing suit.

So we’ve launched our Summer Body Special, giving you 25% OFF our Body Contouring Program. That’s right, only $900 for 14 treatments, that’s $500 off regular priced treatments.

Our Body Contouring Program is focused on overall health and extremely effective at breaking down cellulite, promoting circulation, improving muscle tone and stimulating your lymphatic system. The physical benefits are great but the health benefits are what truly sets our program apart from the rest. The program consists of 3 treatments and we customize your blend of treatments based on your body goals.

Call or email to book your consult today and try out all 3 treatments in the program for only $150 (that’s 50% off!)! 

Thanks for reading our blog and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!


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